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Mil-aMaX Engineering is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that has engineers with many years of experience in design, development and production. This experience includes projects involving:
  • Diesel and Spark Ignition engine calibration for emissions and performance on passenger car and light truck applications.

  • CAN (Controller Area Network) control systems, interface modules and display units for automotive and aviation applications.
  • Injection test system for high performance fuel injectors for modern electronic diesel engines.
  • Variable Geometry/Nozzle Turbocharger and EGR control system design and development for a high volume commercial diesel engine manufacturer.
  • Various computer modeling codes including the development of:
    • NICES (Networked Internal Combustion Engine Simulator) Diesel / Spark Engine systems model built for incorporation of KIVA3D combustion model combined with intelligent algorithms. (Mil-aMaX Proprietary)
    • Various smaller simulation codes used in specific projects to aid in the design process.
  • Fuel Injection system design, development and calibration for modern high speed diesel engines.
Mil-aMaX Engineering sees itself as a solutions provider for manufacturing companies who are in need of assistance in the design, development, pre-production or production phases of the product cycle. With our vast experience, we are able to provide a solution to the variety of engineering challenges that face the typical product cycle. Whether it is a feasibility study to determine the capability or fitness of an emerging technology or solving a production or product issue, Mil-aMaX has the resources to provide a solution.

Mil-aMaX Engineering will tackle any engineering problem posed by our customers. Our experience lies in the Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Controls and Simulation fields. If you have an engineering problem facing you, contact Mil-aMaX Engineering.  We can provide you a solution.

Mil-aMaX Control System Development Circuit Board
Diesel Speed Record Vehicle with Mil-aMaX Engine Controller

Diesel Fuel Injector Test Bench Developed for a Mil-aMaX Customer
Turbocharger Matched by Mil-aMaX for a Customers Application
Mil-aMaX Engineers Validating CAN Bus data before running a test engine.Mil-aMaX Engineers have worked on USAF Ejection Seat Systems

For Engineering Solutions, Investor Relations, or to consult with one of our engineers, email us at

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